Yi Yi
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This film tells the simple but compelling story of the lives of a family in Taiwan.  It might be renamed, One Wedding and A Funeral.  The action begins with a wedding and ends with a funeral. The central character is a middle-aged man who is not happy at work or at home.  We follow his life in both venues and they both involve whether he is doing what he feels is right in his heart.  At the wedding, he meets the woman who was his first love and whom he has not seen in 30 years. He has a teenage daughter and a young son, both of whom are having problems. Plus his mother-in-law is in a coma after having a stroke.  At work, he feels that his "goodness" is being exploited by his partners.  The film follows him and his family over a period of a few months.  All the family seem to caught, unable to move on with their lives, while grandma lies in a coma.  The story certainly attracted me and I was very involved in the many subplots including the daughter's first romance and the son's strange behavior at school.  But Yi Yi is very long, almost 3 hours, I have to say I got a bit tired towards the end.  The cast is very good, especially the father and his young son.  The direction is also very interesting.  There always seems to be a lot of extraneous noise and many scenes are shot from outside through a window.  This film is in Chinese with subtitles.