Where The Money Is
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This isn't much of a movie except for two things. First, Paul Newman; second, Linda Fiorentino.  Paul Newman is 75 years old but he still looks good and more importantly, he can still act rings around most other people. Unfortunately, his movie roles are now few and far between.  He had a nice supporting role in Message in a Bottle last year and almost stole the film.  He is great as usual in Where The Money Is as a bank robber who gets out of jail by pretending to have a stroke.  Newman is probably one of the few people who can make the role of a comatose stroke victim interesting.  He is placed in a retirement home where he is cared for by a nurse played by Linda Fiorentino who suspects that he may be faking it.  I have a special place in my heart for her. She only seems to appear in offbeat parts in films but she does a good job with them.  She appeared last year in Dogma but is probably best known for her part in The Last Seduction.  Here, she is up to the difficult task of acting on the same screen with Newman.  They have a nice chemistry and their scenes together are fun to watch. The cast of this little film is filled out by Dermot Mulroney who plays the husband of Fiorentino.  They are a former King and Queen of the prom who have settled into a boring life together. He is satisfied with the way things are but she yearns for more, and when Newman comes along, she takes the chance for some action. The plot here is fairly predictable. But any time Newman and Fiorentino are involved, the sparks fly. Mulroney is pretty much left to watch the action with the rest of us.