New Waterford Girl
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For my non-Canadian friends, here is a chance to answer some of those questions that have mystified you such as: What are Canadians like and  what do they eat? New Waterford Girl is a Canadian Movie, eh! And it's very good. Unfortunately, I don't know if it will ever come to your city. But if you get a chance, go out and see it.  It is the story of a fifteen-year old girl, Moonie Pottie,  (Liane Balaban) growing up in a small town on Cape Breton Island. This movie is a bit like Rushmore set in Nova Scotia.  Moonie is different from the other kids and yearns to get out of Cape Breton. Her teacher, who is in love with her, tries to get her a scholarship so she can leave.  The teacher is well played by an almost unrecognizable Andrew McCarthy, the former brat packer. Moonie's life becomes more interesting when a family from New York City moves in next door.  The American girl (Tara Spencer-Nairn) soon becomes known for her knockout punch and starts wreaking revenge on boys who fool around on their girlfriends.  Meanwhile, Moonie's family is deadset against her moving away so she pretends to get pregnant so that she "has" to leave town. This is a really sweet but slightly bent movie filmed against the beautiful backdrop of Cape Breton with its cliffs and the sea.  The tone of the movie is set in the first scene where they are having a funeral and a wedding simultaneously in the same church.  Liane Balaban, in her first film role, and Tara Spencer-Nairn are amazing. All the supporting players are good too, particularly the members of Moonie's family.   New Waterford Girl is a story of life in a small town which is similar to other small towns everywhere.  But you can understand why most people from Cape Breton have moved to Toronto. And you have to love a place where the worst insult you can throw at someone includes the word 'Ontario'.