Shadow of the Vampire
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Shadow of the Vampire supposedly tells the story of the shooting of Nosferatu, the first Dracula film made in 1922.  The two main characters in the film are the director of Nosferatu (John Malkovich) and its star (Willem Dafoe).  As played out in Shadow of the Vampire, Dafoe is an actual vampire found by Malkovich in the wilds of Czechoslovakia who proceeds to start drinking the blood of various members of the cast and crew.  This film is high camp all the way with John Malkovich at his worst, overacting and playing John Malkovich.  Dafoe, on the other hand, is amazing in his re-creation of the character of  Nosferatu and rightly deserves his Oscar nomination.  The rest of the cast, including Cary Elwes and Eddie Izzard, is also good but more or less wasted.  I really don't know what I was expecting from Shadow of the Vampire but what I saw, wasn't it.  This isn't really a movie. It's a collection of outtakes, maybe. The closest I can come to describing it, is a very unfunny Young Frankenstein.  If they had put in some jokes, it could have been, well, funny.  But as it is, it is played straight except for the exceptional level of overacting.  So it's just weird.  The Producer of this film is none other than Nicolas Cage.  He should stick to acting.  The good buzz of this film seems to come completely from Hollywood types who think this is a hilarious satire on movie-making. I guess I'm not really a Hollywood type.  Dafoe has benefited from all the hype by getting nominated at every major film awards show. But beyond his performance, I can't really recommend this movie at all. Too bad Nosferatu didn't manage to drain the blood out of the real director before he finished Shadow of the Vampire.