The Muse
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There is something strange about a neurotic screenwriter, Albert Brooks, writing a screenplay about a neurotic screenwriter and then starring in the film as the neurotic screenwriter.  But this is exactly what has happened in The Muse.  In this movie, also directed by Albert Brooks, the aforementioned screenwriter is having a problem described by everyone as "You've lost your edge".  He seeks the help of a Muse to regain his lost edge.  The idea is great.  Jeff Bridges is good in a small role as the friend who introduces Albert to the Muse.  Sharon Stone plays the Muse with reckless abandon. And Andie MacDowell stolidly plays Albert's long suffering wife.  There are several vignettes of famous directors seeking out the Muse for help including James Cameron, Martin Scorsese and Rob Reiner.  This movie starts out very funny and then slowly runs out of steam.  Like his character in the movie, Albert apparently couldn't think of what to do with the third act.  What he did come up with, the supposed ending comedic twist, is a big disappointment.  Rather than seeing this movie, I would rent the excellent, Defending Your Life, also written, directed by and starring Albert Brooks.  I don't know,  maybe he's losing his edge.