Bringing Out The Dead
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Even though this is yet another movie where the main character sees dead people
``all the time", it was pretty entertaining. Bringing Out The Dead was directed by Martin Scorsese and it's another one of his New York movies. The first and most famous of these was Taxi Driver.  This movie is a bit like Taxi Driver on speed.  Nicholas Cage plays a Paramedic who is totally burned out after too many night shifts and too many patients dying on him.  His role here is a bit reminiscent of Leaving Las Vegas in that he is a person giving up on his life.  Cage is very good in Bringing Out The Dead but it doesn't have the gut wrenching intensity of Leaving Las Vegas.  There is a very good cast of supporting players including John Goodman, Tom Sizemore and Ving Rhames as Cage's whacked out fellow paramedics. Patricia Arquette, Cage's real-life wife,  plays the daughter of one of his patients and the love interest.   He is haunted by one particular patient he lost and he seems to see her face everywhere. The adrenalin rush of the job isn't enough anymore and he is searching for some meaning in his life until he meets Arquette and her father.  If you've ever ridden at high speed in a New York City Taxi, you'll have an idea what this movie feels like.  The story is half nightmare, half hallucination seen through Cage's eyes.   I saw this movie at the late show in a theatre on Times Square.  When I walked out of the movie, it was like walking back into the movie.

(Movie trivia: Nicholas Cage is Francis Ford Coppola's nephew and Patricia Arquette is Charlie Weaver's granddaughter)