The Tao Of Steve
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I saw this film when I was in Boston last weekend. Needless to say, it isn't playing  in Baton Rouge. Another difference is that I watched The Tao of Steve at a theatre in Harvard Square and at the end of the movie, about 90% of the audience stayed for the closing credits! But, as usual, I digress. This movie is a perfect counterpoint to High Fidelity, my other favorite movie of the year. In High Fidelity, John Cusack was trying to figure out how to have a relationship. In The Tao Of Steve, Donal Logue has it all figured out.  I felt a whole lot of empathy for John Cusack's character who goes through a lot of stuff that I went through.  Steve is very different. I didn't feel much like Steve at the beginning of this film but I have to say that, by the end, I could identify very strongly with Steve's dilemma.  But since I'm a nice reviewer, I can't tell you what that dilemma is. What I can tell you is  that this is the story of a guy who can get any woman he wants into bed even though he's  a fat slob. His method, of course, is The Tao of Steve.  He has adapted various eastern and western philosophies into a winning system for attracting women. But he's never been in love so he is seen as cold and calculating. This is fine, of course, until he really falls in love. Hence, the dilemma. The Tao of Steve is a really nice little film. It is directed by Jenniphr Goodman, and written by her roommate, Duncan North and her sister, Greer.  Greer Goodman who also stars as the woman that Steve finally falls for.  As we find out in the closing credits, this film is, " based on a story by Duncan North, based on an idea by Duncan North, based on Duncan North." Donal Logue is great as Steve. He's been knocking around a long time. He's the kind of actor who when you see him, you say, gee, he looks familiar. In the last ten years, he's appeared in supporting roles in such films as Sneakers, Jerry Maguire, Runaway Bride and The Patriot. On the other hand, this is Greer Goodman's first film after a career on the stage. She is great also and there's a very nice chemistry between her and Logue. And you really believe that a fat guy can pull some really good looking babes. As another review pointed out, this could have been an awful movie full of fat jokes starring someone like Chris Farley but it isn't. This is a classic Indie film with a small budget, a good script, directing and acting. This movie is going straight to my top ten list for the year. If you live in a major metropolitan area, go see it now. If not, rent it as soon as it comes out on video.