The Tailor of Panama
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This is a dangerous kind of film for me to see.  It is taken from a book that I have already read and on top of that a book by one of my favorite authors, John Le Carre. Usually it is hard for a film to live up to the book on which it is based.  This book and film, of course, are The Tailor of Panama. John Le Carre is famous for such books as The Spy Who Came In From The Cold and The Russia House which were also made into movies.  Since the end of the Cold War, Le Carre has sent his world-weary spies into a wider world including, here, Panama.  In The Tailor of Panama, a very world-weary spy (Pierce Brosnan) is sent to Panama as punishment for a previous scandal.  Once there, he picks out a well-connected tailor (Geoffrey Rush) who dresses, among others, the President of Panama.  Rush is having some severe financial problems so when Brosnan starts asking him to provide information in return for cash, he obliges. Unfortunately, Rush doesn't actually know much in the way of secrets so he makes them up.  Rush's wife (Jamie Lee Curtis) gets caught up in the intrigue as do his other friends and associates as he creates an imaginary army of revolutionaries in waiting.  ``Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive." Needless to say, things go bad as Rush's information turns out to be false.  The Tailor of Panama is by no means John Le Carre's best work but it nevertheless is entertaining and was written in his signature style, i.e., the action is murky and deliberate.  It is hard to translate the atmosphere of Le Carre books to the screen but the director, John Boorman, does a credible job here, particularly in the first half of the movie.  Unfortunately, the second half of the movie gives way to some very cartoonish action scenes.  The cast is at their world-weary best. Brosnan does a very good job playing James Bond gone bad.  As you know, Geoffrey Rush isn't my favorite actor but he is good here, giving a very muted performance.  Curtis is excellent as the wife whose world comes suddenly tumbling down.  Harold Pinter, yes, the Harold Pinter has a nice  cameo as Rush's Uncle Benny.  On the whole, I wouldn't rush out to see this movie. Maybe just stay home and read a good book.