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This movie starts out with an amazing scene that shows that John Travolta, despite Battlefield Earth,  is still a great actor when he has the right part. In the first scene of Swordfish,  Travolta is discussing Dog Day Afternoon with a couple of guys, telling them how Sonny (Al Pacino) should have done things in order to get what he was demanding when he took the hostages in the bank.  After Travolta has finished explaining how you can get what you want by killing lots of hostages, the camera zooms out and he walks across the street to where he and his henchmen are holding a bunch of hostages in a bank.  The guys that he was talking to are FBI agents. They let him walk across the street because he's carrying a bomb detonator.  Then, needless to say, all hell breaks loose.  If you saw the Stanley Cup finals on ABC, you would have seen their new replay where they pan the camera all way around the action.  Why am I mentioning this? Well,  they do the same thing in Swordfish when the first bomb goes off.  It's a cool technique but there's no point to it. It stops the movie dead while you watch everything blow up as you spin around it.  And it's all downhill from there for Swordfish. OK, there's one more scene involving Halle Berry that everyone wants to see.  And, yes, she looks good.  So does Hugh Jackman. He takes his shirt off too.  Other than that, Swordfish turns out to be just your average thriller where the director and writer don't care whether the plot makes any sense.  Travolta turns out to be Ollie North crossed with a Mossad agent. He's a bad guy but he wants to steal a lot of money from other bad guys so he can kill still more bad guys and so be a good guy.  Along with his right-hand woman (Berry), Travolta blackmails an ex-hacker (Jackman) into helping him rob a bank.  Jackman is under two court orders. One says he can't touch a computer. The other says he can't see his 10 year old daughter.  Travolta, still being a bad guy, is not above using a 10 year old girl to get what he wants.  He convinces Jackman to help him hack into the bank and steal the money electronically. This he does only to find out that Travolta plans to to do the Dog Day Afternoon thing at the bank.  There is no explanation as to why.  I won't give away anymore.  It doesn't make any sense anyway.  Travolta is at his best when he gets a good sociopath to play and really makes the most of this one.  Jackman is good as he was in X-Men, showing that he may be the next big box office star from Australia.  Berry, who also was in X-Men, doesn't get to do much acting.  Don Cheadle, fresh off of Traffic,  seems to have the G-Man role down pat.  So I don't know what to say about Swordfish. It is really fab at the start but then it all just turns to mush.