Summer of Sam
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I read another review of Summer of Sam and the reviewer said that this was a horrible Spike Lee movie but that a horrible Spike Lee movie was better than most other movies. I agree. This movie gives a nice feeling of life in New York city in the summer of 1977 and everyone in it is good.  However, the story is presented through the eyes of characters who are a group of stereotyped white New Yorkers.  They aren't very interesting. I was more interested in Son of Sam and how he got caught which is a minor subplot of the movie.  Michael Badalucco, best known as the mild mannered Jimmy Berluti on the the TV show, The Practice, is shockingly good  as Son of Sam.  The other cast members, notably Mira Sorvino, are good but you feel like you've seen them playing these parts before as Italian blue collar denizens of the Bronx. Mira Sorvino is pretty much wasted in a small part as the long suffering wife of one of the guys.  There was a nice soundtrack which made me feel sentimental. They are now making historical movies set when I am an adult. I feel old.