The Straight Story
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Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet, Eraserhead, Wild at Heart, The Straight Story. Wait a minute! Something doesn't fit here.  These are all movies directed by David Lynch and all but the last are very typical of the Lynch genre. But The Straight Story is, well, a straight story. In fact the only clues that this is a David Lynch movie are the soundtrack by Angelo Badalamenti who also did the haunting music for Twin Peaks and some cool directing.  This is a nice little film with a very simple plot.  An sick old man (Richard Farnsworth) living with his daughter (Sissy Spacek) hears that his brother (Harry Dean Stanton) has had a stroke and decides to ride his lawnmower from Iowa to Wisconsin to visit him.  The two brothers have been estranged for some time and Farnsworth wants to make amends before one of them dies.  Farnsworth came out of semi-retirement (he's 79) to make this movie and he does a fantastic job.  Sissy Spacek is also back after some time away and does a great job as the daughter.  This is a heart warming story about a family that has had lots of hard times that doesn't get a sugar coating.  The pace is purposely as slow as the progress of Farnsworth across the corn fields of the midwest on his lawnmower.  But it is a movie that you can sit back and enjoy. Apparently, David Lynch has always wanted to make a normal movie and he does it very well.