Sixth Sense
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I almost didn't go to see this movie. They played the same trailer for Sixth Sense in every movie I've seen for last few months. At first, it made me want to see it but then I got really bored with it. But the movie is not boring! It is very well done. It is compelling and scary and very unpredictable.  Bruce Willis is a child psychologist who is shot by one of his child patients who has grown up psycho. He then meets a new patient so similar to the first that he feels he must succeed this time in helping the child.  Haley Joel Osment, who previously played the yound son of Forrest Gump, is excellent as the troubled child.  On the surface, this is a typical scary movie with things jumping out at you, but there is an undercurrent which flows throughout only to be explained at the end. Bruce Willis shows that he can act in a nice quiet movie when he doesn't have to shout all his lines while  trying to save the Earth. Olivia Williams, here in a small role as Bruce Willis' wife, shows that along with Rushmore ealier this year that she has recovered from her first outing in The Postman. This movie has been #1 for three weeks now and certainly deserves to be there.