Runaway Bride
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As everyone knows, I am Mr. Chick Flick and Runaway Bride is a good one for fans of this important genre.  It is a very good reunion for Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. This movie is probably better than Pretty Woman although the plot is just as unbelievable.  Julia Roberts is a woman who runs a hardware store in a small town and has become famous for being engaged three times and each time literally running away from the altar.  She is now engaged for the 4th time and New York city columnist Richard Gere is covering the event.  It is very enjoyable even though it is mostly predictable. The ending is a bit of a surprise.  Julia Roberts is on a nice run of movies just coming off Stepmom and Notting Hill. She is getting better and better and appears in two of the "feel good" movies of the summer.. And this is definitely Richard Gere's best movie in a long time.  The supporting cast is good. The ubiquitous Joan Cusack appears again here. She was called "sublime" by another reviewer and I couldn't agree more.  The equally ubiquitous Hector Elizondo is on hand here as well in a small role.  Jane Morris who also appeared memorably in Frankie and Johnny is excellent here.  Julia and Richard each have personal hairstylists listed in the credits. Richard's hair is definitely better.  This movie also has one of the funniest lines in the movies this year. Click here if you want to read it. This movie should have been called, ``Four Weddings and No Funeral."