Random Hearts
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Finally, I took a break from all the testosterone I've been viewing lately (Fight Club, Double Jeopardy, Three Kings) and went to see a chick flick.  Random Hearts is the story of a police sergeant (Harrison Ford) and a Congresswoman (Kristen Scott Thomas) who are brought together when his wife and her husband die in a plane crash as they were flying to a tryst in Miami.  Ford, who is obsessively searching for answers as to why his wife was having an affair, spars with and then, of course, falls in love with Thomas who is trying to put the whole thing behind her.  Harrison Ford, as always, is a joy to watch on the screen and he can singlehandedly raise the level of a film. And he does so here.  Thomas is also good and there's good chemistry between them.  But the film itself is flat. The backdrop to the romance, Ford's troubles at work and Thomas' run for re-election to Congress, are a bit irritating when they take us away from the central story.  Charles Dutton and Bonnie Hunt are largely wasted in the usual supporting best friend roles.  The film has a very leisurely pace and even though I enjoyed much of it, it felt much longer than the two hours running time.  Thomas' last film, The Horse Whisperer, which has a similar plot and pace, is much more successful because the subplots come together naturally.  In Random Hearts, I never got close to reaching for my handkerchief.  Thomas, aged 39, joins Rene Russo, aged 45,  seen recently in the Thomas Crown Affair, in striking a bit of a blow for older women in romantic leads. They both look great.  But Random Hearts doesn't quite do it.  For a better chick flick, go see Thomas in The Horse Whisperer or The English Patient, or Ford in Six Days Seven Nights or Regarding Henry.