Lake Placid
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This is a nice summer movie which I saw while on vacation in Nantucket.  This turned out to be apropos as the characters in the movie go for a Nantucket Sleigh Ride.  I saw it at the Dreamland Theatre where I used to see movies 35 years ago. Not much has changed except that they fixed that seat at the back that used to have the big hole in it.  Oh ya, the movie. Well, the plot is simple.  A large crocodile has somehow migrated to Maine and taken up residence in a quiet, shall we say placid, lake where it proceeds to try and eat everyone in sight.  Bill Pullman and Bridget Fonda are cute together as a game warden and a paleontologist called in to investigate.  Oliver Platt is at his wacky best as a sort of new age Captain Ahab travelling the world in search of "Crocs."  This movie is a cross between Jaws and the Three Stooges but it works most of the time.  The plot is pretty predictable although Betty White as the old lady living at the lake who feeds the "animals" pushes the comedy envelope.  Also, better than usually seen in these movies, is the local "dim witted" sheriff who exchanges some nice repartee with the "educated" folks.  This movie was written and produced by David E. Kelly, creator of Ally McBeal, The Practice etc . but the writing is not up to the level of these shows. I think Kelly probably tossed it off in an afternoon. But it has a enough good lines and cuteness along with a bit of gore to keep your interest. Plus it has the most fun with cows since Twister and City Slickers.