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Some people will really like this movie and some people will fall asleep. I stayed awake and really liked it. It's very slow. There are no car chases or surprise twists. At times, it doesn't seem to have a plot. It's just a nice movie.  The plot revolves around a guy named Mumford who lives in a town called Mumford who is pretending to be a Psychologist. And he's pretty good at it since he is beloved by the people in this little town.  The people are a familiar cast of characters including Alfre Woodard, Ted Danson, Mary McDonnell, Martin Short and Robert Stack.  OK. Robert Stack doesn't live in Mumford. He plays himself as the host of Unsolved Mysteries.  Mumford, our hero not the town, played very likeably by Loren Dean, watches Unsolved Mysteries every night. And we know from the beginning that one night he will be featured on this show and unmasked. But this knowledge allows us to relax and enjoy the movie.  Loren Dean, who had small parts in Gattaca and Apollo 13, is perfect in this role.  The supporting cast are mostly wonderful.  In particular, I would like to mentionAlfre Woodard, who plays Mumford's best friend here.  She is probably the most underrated actress in Hollywood.  She has been great, usually in supporting roles, ever since I first saw her in Hill Street Blues. Also great is Jason Lee who plays Skip Skipperton, the local boy made good. I know I'm projecting a romantic haze here but that is how I feel about this movie. I am a bit biased. Lawrence Kasdan, who wrote and directed Mumford, is a favorite of mine. He co-wrote Raiders of the Lost Ark, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi before directing such Geoff favorites as Silverado, Accidental Tourist and The Big Chill.  This is the feel good movie of the fall.