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Boston Mayor Menino’s 'Mooninites' plea falls on deaf ears
By Stone Martindale
Apr 11, 2007, 16:03 GMT

Bean Town Aqua Teen Hunger Force fans are eagerly awaiting the film coming to Boston, despite Mayor Thomas Menino's pleas for the Mooninites to not show up.

The Boston Herald cites the "bombastic" fallout of the guerilla marketing team's stunt to promote “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” movie has not impeded the film opening in Boston Friday (the 13th, no less) "despite Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s plea to local theaters not to screen it 'out of respect to the people of Boston.' "

“Aqua Teen Hunger Force” opens Friday in the Bay State capital. Elizabeth Wolfe, vice president of publicity for First Look Pictures, told the Herald there were no issues for the distributor getting Boston theaters to screen it.

The Mayor’s office had no comment for the Boston Herald.

As we reported earlier, the old town of Boston literally stopped in its tracks on Jan. 31 when light boards with Mooninite figures were discovered around the city.

The city erred on the side of safety, so much so that press conferences and legal actions to recoup city funds for the overboard response were demanded by city officials.

The two young men who planted the boards still face felony hoax charges according to the Herald. Cartoon Network’s parent company, Turner Broadcasting, and its marketing firm agreed to pay $2 million in restitution to city and state agencies that responded to the terror alert.

The Boston Herald claims official response from the various agencies involved in the initial response - "including the Massachusetts State Police, Boston Police Department and the attorney general’s office - was 'no comment.' "

Many marketing observers think a clever way for Menino to face down his demons would be to host the opening night premiere in Faneuil Hall, make a party out it, and show the world Mooninites are welcome in Massachusetts.

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