Me Myself I
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Those of you living in Select cities may have seen this movie weeks ago.  Me Myself I still hasn't opened in Baton Rouge so I drove 75 miles to go to the movies. I have to say it was well worth the trip. Me Myself I is very similar to Sliding Doors and Run Lola Run from last year. In Sliding Doors, Gwyneth Paltrow's life follows two separate paths after she makes or doesn't make it through the closing sliding doors of a subway train. In Run Lola Run, Franka Potente gets to live 20 minutes of her life over and over again until she gets it right.  In this new film, Rachel Griffiths' is a single woman in her mid thirties who is very successful but wonders what her life would have been like if she had said, "yes" when asked 13 years previously.  Needless to say, she gets her chance. Griffiths' is knocked down by a car and wakes up to find herself face to face with herself from that other life. The two trade places and Griffiths is thrown into a life where she has a husband, three kids and horror of horrors, a very old clunky computer.   Her family thinks she is acting strangely but only her three year old son figures it out and asks, "Where's mommy?" This is another very entertaining movie from down under which shows the pluses and minuses of both the single and soccer mom, (actually rugby mom) lifestyles.   Griffiths was first seen in Muriel's Wedding where she stole scenes as Muriel's best friend and then last year was nominated for Best Supporting Actress as Hilary in Hilary and Jackie.   She gets to play both Hilary and Jackie this time.  In Me Myself I, Griffiths is Alice going Through the Looking Glass because everything is a mirror image of her real life.  Rachel Griffiths does a great job making you believe that she could have had these very different lives as the same person.  The supporting cast are good but not as wacky as usually seen in Australian films.  Everyone's lives have been flip-flopped but they still fit together very cleverly.  This is another movie about the single angst which is so close to my heart and it all rang very true to me.  So if you didn't see it weeks ago, go see it now!