For Love of the Game
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        I like Chick Flicks and I like Sports movies. For Love of the Game tries to be both. And most of the time it does a good job. The plot involves an aging pitcher for the Detroit Tigers who is trying to pitch a perfect game against the Yankees while reliving, in flashback form, his 5 year relationship with his girlfriend.  At first, I kept thinking, why are they interrupting this baseball movie with all this relationship stuff. But eventually I relaxed and enjoyed it. Kevin Costner gives a nice restrained performance as the pitcher who is undergoing some serious personal growth while trying to strike out the Yankees.  He has some nice chemistry with Kelly Preston who plays his on again, off again girlfriend. This movie finishes a nice trilogy of baseball movies for Costner. Of course, only Field of Dreams is really about baseball. Bull Durham and For Love of the Game are mostly Chick Flicks in a baseball setting. Although, this isn't a comedy, the Costner-Preston relationship and the plot of For Love of the Game are quite similar to that of Tom Berenger and Rene Russo in Major League.  The baseball and the relationship plots intertwine well in For Love of the Game.  I have to say though that I got choked up in the 9th inning of the baseball game but not at the denoument of the relationship! The only really unbelievable thing about this movie is that Vin Scully is doing the play by play of a Yankee game!