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As anyone who has seen the trailer for this movie knows, Hollowman is a remake of the classic film, The Invisible Man. Although updated to the present day, the plot is not much changed. This is one of the classics of the Mad Scientist genre.  In both versions, a brilliant but overbearing scientist, played by the incomparable Claude Rains in 1933 and by Kevin Bacon in 2000, is injected with a serum that turns him invisible.  The only catch, of course, is that the serum to reverse the process doesn't work.  Both in 1933 and 2000, there is a slight side effect to the serum that the invisible man slowly goes insane and ends up trying to murder everyone.  The new version is honest enough to show Bacon doing what any boy would do as soon as he becomes invisible which is to start spying on naked women.  Other than this, being invisible seems to be nothing but sitting around waiting to go insane. Kevin Bacon is no Claude Rains but he is a very good actor and he joins a nice cast in what is one of the better remakes.  Also, seen here is Elizabeth Shue, Josh Brolin and Kim Dickens as other members of the scientific team. In addition, Shue is the ex-girlfriend of Bacon and present girlfriend of Brolin just to stir up the mix a bit. Shue, as always, is excellent and Dickens, a bit of a newcomer, shows she can act with the big guys playing the member of the team who most dislikes Bacon. This film starts off well and builds nicely for about two thirds of its length before it falls victim to one of the most common problems of film plots.  This problem is that characters in movies have apparently never seen a movie. This is the only explanation for the fact that when put in the situation when you are trapped with a bunch of people being hunted by an insane murderer, you immediately split up so the murderer can pick you off one by one.  The characters in Hollowman are scientists who apparently spend most of their time working in their subterranean lab but surely they would have seen Alien or some other scream flick.  No, they haven't and you can guess the consequences. Otherwise, the strong cast and, needless to say, the great special effects make this a very watchable film. I just wish the idea behind Last Action Hero would be used more and some character would say, "I know what he's going to do next.  This is just what Kevin Bacon did in Hollowman."