Gone in 60 Seconds
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For an action movie, particularly one produced by Jerry Bruckheimer (Con Air, Armageddon, The Rock etc, etc), Gone in 60 Seconds actually has very little action.   This is the story of a retired car thief (Nicolas Cage) whose kid brother (Giovanni Ribisi), also a car thief, will be killed by some bad guys unless Cage can steal 50 cars in four days.  That doesn't sound too bad, four days. That's only about 12 cars a day. But Cage spends day one hanging out with his brother and his mother, day two reassembling his car stealing team, and day three figuring out where the 50 cars are. He then waits until the evening of day four so there are just 12 hours left when they actually steal car number one.  What I'm trying to say is that this movie is a little slow to be called an action movie. This isn't all bad. The cast is very good. In addition to Cage, who is always entertaining, his car thieving buddies include Angelina Jolie, Robert Duvall and Will Patton.  Delroy Lindo plays the cop dedicated to putting Cage away.  Jolie and Duvall are both very good but they don't get enough screen time.  Much time is wasted on less interesting character development between Cage and his ne'er-do-well brother.  Most of the time, you will wish that the brother would just be killed.  But Cage has a crazy sweetness which he brings to all his roles, which is shared here by Duvall and Jolie that makes this a movie worth watching. The inevitable car chase, as Cage tries to deliver car number 50 on time, degenerates into Blues-Brothers-type mayhem.  They try hard to be more than just your car-crashing action movie but the result may not satisfy either the action fans or the chick-flick fans.  If you want to see an unusual car theft movie with great action and subplots, check out Black Moon Rising starring Tommy Lee Jones and Linda Hamilton.