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Many of you probably wonder what it's like for a movie reviewer living in Baton Rouge.  This movie, Croupier, a small European film, was released in the United States on April 21. It opened in Baton Rouge yesterday. We don't have an art house theatre here. The Indie and Foreign films usually end up at this old multiplex that is going downhill fast. It was Friday night in the big city; Date night. Thousands of people were going to the movies. I showed up last night for the late show and walked into the theatre showing Croupier and I was the only one there. Two other people did come in so that three of the 400,000 people in the greater Baton Rouge area were there for its premiere. But as usual I digress. Croupier is a very interesting but not completely successful story of a South African writer living in London who decides to write a book about the life of a croupier.  The writer (Clive Owen) was a croupier in Sun City and takes up his old line of work at a London casino while writing his novel.  He lives with an ex-cop (Gina McKee) who doesn't like his new lifestyle that includes a mysterious South African woman (Alex Kingston). Soon he and the mystery woman are involved in a plot to rob the casino.  Clive Owen is very good in this role and he wears a cool hat. I've never seen him in anything before.  The most recognizable person in the cast for North American audiences is Alex Kingston, best known as Dr. Elizabeth Corday on ER.  She is not my favorite character on ER but for those you who are big fans, you get to see a lot more of her in Croupier.  I guess she just wanted to take it all off because the scene in the movie didn't require it. I found Croupier compelling and it held my interest until the denouement which was a bit confusing and disappointing.  But I still recommend this film, that is, if it's still playing in your city. It may be long gone.