Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle
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     While the first Charlie's Angels movie was primarily a parody of the original TV series, the new film, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, parodies a whole host of films and TV shows. In fact, nearly every scene in the first half of the movie is a parody of something, starting with Drew Barrymore in Mongolia doing a riff of Karen Allen in Raiders of the Lost Ark. It's quite amusing trying to identify each scene. This is a lot more fun than the actual plot.  The three Angels (Barrymore, Cameron Diaz & Lucy Liu) are given the task of recovering two rings which contain the names of everyone in the Witness Protection program.  Many bad guys want the information and the two guys working for the Justice department who carry the rings (Robert Patrick & Bruce Willis), apparently just so that they can be stolen, are kidnapped.  Bruce Willis' role is uncredited and he isn't around for long.  In an irony that can't be coincidental, his demise on screen is arranged by his real-life ex-wife, Demi Moore, who plays a bad ex-Angel.  
     Once again directed by McG who hasn't directed anything except Charlie's Angels movies and music videos, this film is like, well, a bunch of music videos pasted together.  McG apparently just loves The Matrix bullet-time.  Nothing makes much sense but the Angels are having a good such a good time that it's infectious.  And my main beef from the first film that these three smart capable women had complete  doofusses for boyfriends is slightly less.  Matt LeBlanc is back playing his friend's role, Joey, as Lucy Liu's boyfriend.  Cameron Diaz has hooked up with Luke Wilson, who now plays boyfriends for a living (i.e., Legally Blonde
). Drew Barrymore still has some issues.  Tom Green is happily gone only to be replaced by Barrymore's psycho ex-boyfriend (Justin Theroux) who has broken out of prison just to kill her. She also has a bit of a kinky thing with Crispin Glover who reprises his weird role from the first movie.  Bill Murray has  been replaced as Bosley by his "brother," Bernie Mac. There are lots of cameos as various scenes are parodied such as Bela Karolyi appearing as Liu's gymnastic coach.  One new role, that of Liu's father, is played by John Cleese.  
     The Angels all do a nice job in 
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle although Diaz tends to outshine the other two.  Bernie Mac adds more energy to Bosley than Bill Murray did.  I'm happy to say that John Forsythe, 85 years old, is still doing the voice of the mysterious Charlie.  Demi Moore, in her first major motion picture in about 6 years,  is,  well, Demi Moore. She does Ok since all she has to do is glare at people.  John Cleese is a bit wasted but he is funny just standing there.  Oh, and Jaclyn Smith has a nice cameo as Kelly Garrett, one of the original Angels.  This is definitely a fun movie to see. It would have been even more fun if they hadn't tried to get "serious" and have a real plot in the last hour of the movie.  But the first hour is so good, that it's still worth it.