Boys Don't Cry
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With just hours to spare before Joan Rivers starts describing this year's Oscar dresses, I present one last review of a nominated film from 1999.  Boys Don't Cry produced a Best Actress nomination for Hilary Swank and a Best Supporting Actress nomination for Chloe Sevigny.  These two actresses burst into the public's consciousness with their roles in this movie.  Hilary Swank, best known previously for being The Next Karate Kid, gives a heart wrenching performance that can only be compared to Linda Hunt's performance in The Year of Living Dangerously.  In that film, Linda Hunt played a man and won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.  In Boys Don't Cry, another true story to hit the screen recently, Swank plays a woman who wants to be a man.  She moves from the big city (Lincoln, Nebraska) to a small town and lives the life of a man, falling in love with Sevigny, until her true gender is revealed.  Sevigny, who may be the new ``It'' girl, plays the girlfriend who doesn't care whether Swank is a boy or a girl. She gives as good as she gets in responding to the intensity of Swanks' performance.  This is not an easy movie to watch. We all know the story. We all know what's going to happen. This increases the tension as the films moves inexorably toward its conclusion.  You want one of the characters to veer off from the path that is leading them all to disaster but, of course, they don't.  The supporting cast is a little too believable as they paint a picture of white trash in small town midwest America. Peter Sarsgaard, as the man obsessed with Sevigny, and Alicia Goranson (She played Becky on Rosesanne) are particularly good.  I can't say that I enjoyed this movie but it is very good. It's like watching auto racing.  You are just waiting for the crash but you can't take your eyes off the action.