Being John Malkovich
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 I was watching Being John Malkovich and suddenly I realized that this old guy in the film was Orson Bean!  My youth came flooding back to me as a recited the names forever linked as panelists from To Tell the Truth: Tom Poston, Kitty Carlisle, Peggy Cass, and Orson Bean. I know you love my stream of consciousness but I better get back to the review.  The presence of Orson Bean was only one of the the weird but wonderful things about this movie.  The plot is best described by its title.  Longer descriptions may not work as well but here goes. An out of work puppeteer (John Cusack) gets a job in an office hidden between the 7th and 8th floors of a building. He finds a strange tunnel hidden in his office that leads into the brain of John Malkovich and since Cusack is a puppeteer, well, you can guess.  I won't say more.  It just gets weirder from there but the story hangs together pretty well at least until the end when they try to explain it all.  They shouldn't have tried.  Cameron Diaz is almost unrecognizable as Cusack's mousy wife and Catherine Keener is Cusack's co-worker on the 7 1/2 floor who realizes that everyone will pay to be John Malkovich.  This movie has a definite Terry Gilliam feel to it and it is mostly a joy to watch although it might have had a cut or two here and there.  The director is Spike Jonze until now best known for his Beastie Boys videos.  The whole cast is great.  In particular, John Cusack adds another great role to his already unusual acting resume. Catherine Keener, another Indie star, recently seen in Your Friends and Neighbors, almost steals this film.  And John Malkovich is amazing as always in the title role. He plays a caricature of himself with a lot of humor. Charlie Sheen also caricatures himself in an amusing cameo.  I still don't understand why Being John Malkovich is already here in Baton Rouge since it is only on 175 screens in the country but I'm grateful.  I'm also happy to say that it's doing well.  It did almost twice as well per screen this weekend as The Bone Collector, the top grosser.  Go see it!