A Beautiful Mind
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This is a really good film but I am always bothered by films made about people who are still alive and I spend a lot of time wondering what's true and what's been made up. I always find the real story much more fascinating than what the screenwriter comes up with.  In the case of A Beautiful Mind, we are told that the movie has been ``inspired" by the life of John Nash.  Like I said, this is a good movie, but the events it relates are somewhat different from the real life of John Nash.  He won the 1994 Nobel Prize for Economics for game theory which he developed in the 40's and 50's.  Starting in 1958, he developed schizophrenia and spent the next 30 years in and out of mental hospitals.  He recovered enough to receive the Nobel Prize in 1994.  These facts are more or less adhered to in the movie although Nash's symptoms appear much earlier in the movie.  Among the facts changed or ignored in the movie are that Nash fathered a son with another woman before meeting his wife, that his wife divorced him after he went crazy, and that he lost his job after being arrested in a homosexual sting operation.  Ok, I just wanted to get this stuff off my chest.  A Beautiful Mind is a wonderful movie.  Who would have thought that two such beautiful people as Russell Crowe (Nash) and Jennifer Connelly (his wife Alicia) can actually act!  Both of them have shown signs of talent recently.  Crowe won the Best Actor Oscar last year for Gladiator and was nominated for The Insider.  Connelly, best known for her many web sites, has been making some interesting movies lately, notably Pollock and Requiem for a Dream.  Crowe and Connelly are excellent in A Beautiful Mind. Crowe, in particular, deserves another Best Actor nomination.  The supporting cast, including Ed Harris, Christopher Plummer and Adam Goldberg are great too.  And the director is Ron Howard.  A Beautiful Mind adds another feather to his cap that already includes such films as Cocoon, Backdraft, and Apollo 13.  I feel like I grew up with him. We were both born the same year and I've been following his career since he was Opie on The Andy Griffith ShowA Beautiful Mind is put together in an amazing way to highlight Nash and his problems.  I can't say more without giving stuff away. Click here if you want to know.  Crowe creates one of the most memorable characters or the year and A Beautiful Mind is a beautiful film.