28 Days
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Sandra Bullock has been going through a lot lately. In Hope Floats, her husband leaves her for another woman. In Practical Magic, her husband dies as a result of a curse. In Forces of Nature, she has lost her husband and child. No wonder she now has a substance abuse problem!  Of course, in those movies Bullock has Harry Connick Jr., Aidan Quinn and Ben Affleck to help her get over her problems.  In 28 Days, she is screwing up big time. She ruins her sister's wedding. She gets drunk every night. She is living with a guy called Eddie.   Anyway, after crashing a car while drunk, she is ordered into rehab and she arrives unwilling to participate in group therapy and group hugs or even to admit she has a problem. Ok, so there aren't any surprises here.  But I always like Sandra Bullock and in 28 Days she has a more demanding role than in most of her recent films. She makes the most of it.  This film walks a fine line.  It is not a comedy but naturally, the cast of characters that Bullock meets in rehab have their comedic side.  In particular, Steve Buscemi, who has played nutcases in most of his films, plays against type here, appearing as one of the counselors.  He is very good in a relatively minor role and you wish he were on the screen more. Elizabeth Perkins is good as the sister whose wedding is spoiled. And Viggo Mortensen plays well as Eddie the always drunk boyfriend. The other members of the rehab cast are good too although you have seen these character types  before, most recently in Girl Interrupted.  Here, Bullock does a very good job even though she doesn't have the advantage that Winona Ryder had of playing against another strong character (Angelina Jolie).  Bullock must fight against herself.  One nice point about this film is that Bullock doesn't need to to meet some Connick, Quinn or Affleck to get herself out of her mess. She does it herself.